Exchange/Return Policy of

We sell products based on the quality of the products. We do care the feelings that will affect the good relationship between us and every customer. Therefore, if you feel that the purchased product is not satisfactory. Does not meet the needs we are happy to accept returns within 7 days without any cost of exchange or return. From the date you receive the product (Based on the date of the delivery note / receipt). However, everything must be under the conditions specified the warranty of each item is different. Therefore, customers must check the warranty policy for the products they wish to purchase before placing an order.
About Returning
Returned merchandise must be unopened, unwrapped or expired and must be in the original box/or packaging. It's no different from the first time we ship it.

About Product Replacement

Can be changed to the original type or a new type the exchanged product must be of equal value. Or cost more than the original type. In the event that the product is changed to a higher price, the customer will have to pay the difference.



Refund Policy

• The company will refund the purchase price to the customer. In the event that the company unable to deliver products as ordered by customers, such as out of stock, etc.

• The company will refund according to the amount that the customer has paid, such as in the case of after deducting discounts, etc.

• The company reserves the right to consider returning the product. In the Clearance product group / special price

• The company reserves the right to consider returning the product which will not be refunded in cash under any circumstances

• Refund period The details are as follows.

In the case of requesting a refund due to broken or damaged products, the company reserves the right to consider In the event of a manufacturing error or delivery, the company will deliver a new product to the customer instead of a refund.

1. In case of cash, the money will be transferred to the account within 14 working days.

2. Credit card case will receive a refund within 1-2 billing cycles (depending on the conditions of the card issuing bank)

3. Debit card case will receive a credit refund within 3 billing cycles (depending on the conditions of the card issuing bank) Accepting returns under the following conditions only

• The customer must inspect the product. and refuse to receive the product immediately if there are problems such as defective products caused by the manufacturer, expired products, customers received products that do not match the purchase order, damaged products during delivery, in the event The customer ordered the wrong size - wrong type - wrong color or in case the customer did not receive the product himself and then come to detect the problem later Customers can report problems, change-return the product within 7 days from the date you receive the product through the exchange / return channel. Products as specified by the company (details in the section on exchange-return)

• The returned product must be in the original packaging in all respects.

• Products purchased from only

• Products that have been opened or used or in the case that the customer wants to change it without the cause of the product cannot be returned

• Damaged products or damage due to improper packaging which comes from the return of the customer

• In the case of medical device products The customer must report the problem Claims-returns in all cases at customer service or sales representatives only and if the problematic product comes from the product or installation by the company can notify the change back which must be verified first in all cases

• The company will contact to inform the result of the consideration. If the condition is not violated and the product is ready to be replaced and will inquire about the way to change - return that the customer is convenient to return to you with an appointment to send a new product immediately according to the conditions

• Products received under the conditions of the promotion such as free gifts, redeemed items, redeemed items Must be returned with the main product.


Returns must be made within 7 days from the date you received the product.



The company reserves the right to refund more than the specified period and the company reserves the right to change any conditions without prior notice.

Documents and Required Items for Return:

• Tax invoice/full set of receipts

• The returned product must be in the original packaging in all respects. It is recommended to pack the product back in the original box that we sent it to unless it is not in good enough condition for use.

• If you have questions about returning documents and products, please contact via email  to contact the staff.

Ways to change – return the product

In the event that the product has a problem, the customer must contact the Email: Upon confirmation of the exchange-return from the company, the customer can send the product back to the company. There are 3 channels for checking the conditions as follows:

1. Send exchange-return via postal mail or private transport to Perma Co., Ltd. 70/350 Soi Nawamin 50, Nawamin Road, Khlong Kum Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok 10240. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost first. Until the product is inspected and wait for the staff to contact you back. In order to confirm the return of goods and return the freight paid by the customer, if the company proves that it does not meet the return conditions, the company will contact back to the customer to explain to customers

2. Customers come to contact by themselves at the company. (According to the return conditions) at the Customer Relations Department.

Note: We will pay the shipping cost based on the original price of the first shipment only.                                                             

How long does the quality evaluation process of replacement products take?

Thailand Post or shipping company will deliver the goods to our warehouse within 7 days after we receive the goods. And the product quality assessment process will be resumed in approximately 7 working days for complex products. (Medical equipment category) After that, the company will contact the customer to inform the result and arrange delivery. The internal process will take a total of 14 days, after that, it's a matter of the logistics provider's delivery time.

You will receive the product for how long?

• The company is willing to take responsibility by changing the product to customers for the following periods:


With customers abroad within 21 working days plus the logistics provider's delivery time.

 (From the date the customer notifies the wrong product delivery to the company)