Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

We strictly adhere to the importance of customer privacy. And we will store, record, hold, retain,

disclose, transfer or use your personal information as set out below.

Data protection is about credibility and trust. Your privacy is our priority. We will then use your name or

other information related to you. Only for businesses that are defined in this privacy policy only. We will

only store the information necessary to do so. And we only collect information related to your business

dealings with us.

We will retain your information for as long as the law permits or for as long as is necessary for the

purposes for which it was stored.

You may access or visit the Platform (as defined in the Terms of Service) and browse products without

the need to provide any personal information during your visit to the Platform. Will not be disclosed and

we will not be able to identify you at all times when you visit the Platform. Unless you have an account

on the platform and you have logged in using your account name and password.

Storage of personal information

When you create an account with Thaisupershop or provide your personal information through the

platform the information we collect may include any of these information about you.

 name

 place of delivery

 Email

 contact number

 mobile phone number

 date of birth

 sex

You must submit information to us. Our authorized representative or delivered to the platform only and

such information must be information that It is true, accurate, complete and does not cause any

misunderstanding. You must update your information. And notify us of any changes to the information

(details as set out below). We reserve the right to request additional documentation to verify that the

information you have provided is correct.

We will only be able to collect your personal data if you voluntarily submit it to us. If you choose not to

submit your personal data to us or choose to withdraw your consent to our use of your personal data.

We may not be able to provide our services to you. You may be required to access and modify your

personal information that you have submitted to us at any time as set forth below.

If you have submitted third party information to us. We will assume that you have obtained consent or

permission from the relevant third party to disclose and deliver such personal data to us.

If you apply for use Thaisupershop Via a social media account (Social Media) or account linkage

Thaisupershop with your social media account or use other social media of Thaisupershop We may

access information about you that you have voluntarily provided to your social media account through

the respective social media provider under their respective policies. We will handle your personal data

obtained as such in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Thaisupershop

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

We will use any information we receive from you or pass it on to third parties. (Including related

companies external service provider third party vendors) for the benefit of the business in whole or in

part as described below.

To operate or support the use of the Services and/or use of the Platform;

To process your orders submitted through the Platform; Whether selling products by Thaisupershop or

third party vendors Your payment through the platform for the product. Whether sold by Thaisupershop

or third party vendors will be handled by our agents.

To deliver the products you have purchased through the Platform whether sold by Thaisupershop or

third party vendors we may pass on your personal information to third parties in order to deliver

products to you. (E.g. to our couriers or distributors), whether sold by Thaisupershop or third party


To notify you about the delivery of goods whether sold through the platform by Thaisupershop or third

party vendors and for other customer service purposes

To compare data and check with third parties to ensure data accuracy.

We will also use the information you have provided to administer your account with us (if any), to

review and manage financial transactions in relation to payments that you have made. via the Internet

or online to verify data downloads from the platform to develop a schematic The layout and content of

the pages of the Platform and customized for the user. To identify the user for statistical analysis and

user behavior to deliver you information that we believe you will find useful to you or that you have

requested from us. Including information about our products and services and those of third-party

vendors. Unless you have declined to be contacted for such purposes.

When you have applied to open an account for using the service with Thaisupershop or have submitted

your personal data through the Platform From time to time, we use your personal information to send

you marketing communications and promotions about our products or services or those of our third

party vendors. You can opt out of receiving marketing information at any time. By using the opt-out

system contained in the marketing information delivered. We may use your contact information to send

newsletters from us or from our related companies; and

In the event of an exception and Thaisupershop being asked to disclose personal information such as

where there are grounds to believe that such disclosure would prevent a threat to life or bodily harm.

For law enforcement purposes or compliance with laws, rules, regulations or any other requests

Thaisupershop Your personal data may be provided to third parties or our affiliates for the above-

mentioned purposes. especially to carry out various transactions with you Manage your service account

manage other relationships with you, marketing, legal compliance regulations Other requests at

Thaisupershop deem necessary To share information with such individuals Thaisupershop will do our

best to ensure that third parties and our affiliates maintain and protect your personal information from

unauthorized access, storage, use, disclosure. Or other similar risks. And must collect your personal

information for the period necessary for the business described above only.

Thaisupershop have not been and have not been in the business of trading personal information of

customers to third parties.

Revocation of consent

You may submit an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal data for various entities or for the

purposes listed above to us at any time by contacting us via the email listed below. Please note that if

you have submitted an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal data for various businesses or

for the purposes specified above. Depending on the circumstances of the objection we may not be in a

position to deliver products or services to you or perform a contract with you. We expressly reserve our

legal rights and remedies in the event that we are unable to deliver the goods or services to you or

perform a contract with you arising from such objection.

Updating or modifying your personal information

You can update or modify your personal information at any time by logging into your service account on

the Platform. Thaisupershop if you do not have an account with us, you may update or update your

personal information by contacting us via the email address specified below.

We will send modified personal data to third parties or affiliates with whom we have shared your

personal data. If you’re personal data is still necessary for the activities mentioned above

Access to your personal data

If you wish to view the personal information we hold about you or would like to know about the use or

disclosure of your personal information by Thaisupershop within the past year Please contact us via

email below. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee. To browse such records

If you have a service account with Thaisupershop You may view details about your order. By logging into

your service account on the Platform There you will be able to retrieve details about orders that have

been completed or that are still pending. or to have the product delivered to you in a short time and can

manage delivery address information details about the bank or sending news that you have applied for

You agree to handle your account name, password and order details confidentially. And will not be

disclosed to unauthorized third parties. We cannot be held liable for damages caused by misuse of your

account name, password and order details. Unless specified in the service agreement.

Security of your personal information

Thaisupershop Ensure that all collected data is stored securely. We protect your personal information by

 Restrict access to personal information

 Provide technological means to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems.

 Manage to securely destroy your personal information when it is no longer needed for legal and

business purposes. Thaisupershop Use 128-bit SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encryption

technology when processing financial details. 128-bit SSL encryption technology is expected to

take1 trillions of years to crack the code and is the standard of the industry as well

If you have reason to believe that your privacy has been violated by Thaisupershop Please contact us via

the email listed below.

Your password is the key to your service account. Please use numbers different letters or symbols and

do not share your password with others. You are responsible for any acts performed on your behalf or

through your account and for the consequences. If you have no control over your password you may not

have control over your personal data or other information submitted to Thaisupershop. You may be

required to accept any juristic acts entered into on your behalf. Therefore, if your password is revealed

or no longer confidential for any reason, or you have reason to believe that it has been disclosed or no

longer confidential. You are encouraged to contact us and change your password. We urge you to log off

your account and close your browser whenever you use a public computer.

Thaisupershop or its authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar

programs to store information. To help us provide a better, faster, safer service and for your privacy.

When you use the service and/or enter the platform

When you visit Thaisupershop's servers (servers) of our company automatically recognize and record

information that your browser sends when you visit our website. This information may include

 IP address (IP address) of your computer.

 your browser type

 The website page you accessed before you entered the platform.

 The website pages you visit on the Platform

 The amount of time you spend viewing that website products or information you search for on

the platform Date visit time and other statistical data. These data are collected for analysis and

evaluation to help us improve the platform. Improve the services and products we provide.

Cookies are small text files. (Usually just letters and numbers) placed on your browser's memory or on

your device when you visit a website or browse a message. This program helps us recognize a specific

device or browser. And help us to tailor content to your individual interests more quickly. And make the

service and platform more convenient and beneficial to you.

Web beacons are small graphic images that may be included in the Service or on the Platform. This

program allows us to count the number of users who have visited different pages so that we can better

understand your needs and interests.

No spam, spyware, virus junk data.

Spam, spyware or viruses are not allowed on the platform. Please set and maintain your communication

preferences so that we can send you your communication preferences. You are not authorized or

accepted to add other users. (Either users who have purchased from you) to your recipient list (whether

email or letter) unless expressly authorized you will not send any messages containing junk, spyware or

viruses through the Platform. If you want to report a suspicious message to us please contact via email.

Specified below

Changes to Privacy Policy

Thaisupershop will review the effectiveness of this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. We reserve the right

to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes to such policy will be posted or published on the


Thaisupershop's rights

You acknowledge and agree that Thaisupershop have the right to disclose personal information to legal

authority regulatory body government agency tax authority law enforcement agencies and other related

agencies or owners of relevant rights if Thaisupershop There are reasonable grounds to believe that the

disclosure of your personal data is necessary for the performance of an obligation. edge liability

arrangements and agreements whether voluntary or compulsory For the purpose of cooperating with

orders, investigations and/or various forms of requests made by the relevant authorities under the

applicable laws. You agree not to sue or take any action against Thaisupershop. And waive any claims or

other rights arising Thaisupershop that may arise from the disclosure of your personal information

under the aforementioned circumstances.

Contact Thaisupershop

If you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data Request information and/or

personal information, have questions, comments, concerns, or request technical assistance. Or about

cookies, please contact via email: