Perma Company acts as a liaison between donors and recipients.

Perma Company Limited is an importer and distributor of health care and medical equipment products suitable for patients, the elderly and the disabled. All of our products have been authorized for importing and selling by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand. We are confident that these health products will make living easier and lead to a better quality of life for patients and the elderly.

Whether it is a health product or a hardware product, we have extensive distributors and are sold in leading department stores across the country, plus “online platforms” along with after-sales service team with expertise.

Objectives of the Donation Program for the Elderly and Children

- The company wants to be a facilitator for people to donate for charity. The company acts as a liasion in contacting and shipping to charitable foundations and other organizations, which provide convenience and ease for donors to achieve their objectives of helping those in needs.

- To help the elderly and needy children under the care of nursing homes or daycare centers to have adequate diapers and necessary medical equipment resulting in a better quality of life as well as a better mental state for the recipients.

- We have been a center for donating diapers and medical equipment for over 25 years.

- Acting as a liaison between donors and care homes/organizations so that both parties can ensure that everything can proceed smoothly in both communication and delivery.

  • The Importance of the Donation Project for the Elderly and Children

    - A survey by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) found that 22.8% of Thailand's child population are orphans (1-18 years old).

    - For the elderly and orphans, there are many who lack funds, which prevents them from purchasing diapers and medical supplies that are necessary for their livelihood.

    List of Centers and Institutions that the Company Have Donated

    • Nonthapoom Home
    • Ratchawadee for Girls
    • Ratchawadee for Boys
    • Fueng Fah Home
    • Baan Bang Khae 1
    • Baan Bang Khae 2
    • Srinakarin Hospital Foundation
    • Phra Pradaeng Home for the Disabled and Handicapped
    • Khao Sap Monastery
    • Karunyawet Protection and Development Center for Persons with Disabilities
    • Orphanage for children with multiple disabilities
    • Wat Pa Si Mongkhon (Abandoned hump, AIDS Center)
    • Nursing home for mentally ill patients Semi-Way House, Chai Klong 7, Thanyaburi
    • Luang Por Lamyai foster care home for the elderly
    • Baan Ratchawithi
    • Foundation for Children in the Slums
    • Rangsit Orphanage
    • Nakhon Pathom Nursing Home
    • Chalerm Rajakumari Nursing Home (Luang Por Peen upatham)
    • Thanyaburi Men's Homeless Shelter
    • Thanyaburi women homeless shelter

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