Request for Price Quotation (RfQ) for B2B customers

Message from Perma Co., Ltd.

We are delighted that you’ve decided to purchase health products from us. If you need a quotation and want to order a large quantity of products for your wholesale business, you can send us a request, according to the quantity and specification you want. We will send you a quotation within 7 days (working days). Please send email to to request a B2B quotation from us.

Our products are certified by Thai FDA

Our products have been registered with the FDA in Thailand properly. Our honey products meet high-quality standards, with features:
(1) It has smooth colour and flavour, according to the characteristics of honey.
(2) Contain reduced sugar as invert sugar, not less than 65% by weight.
(3) The humidity is not more than 20 percent of the weight.
(4) Contain sucrose, not more than 5% by weight.
(5) Contain insoluble substances, not more than 0.1% by weight.
(6) Contain ash, not more than 0.6% by weight.
(7) Having a pH, not more than 40 mE of 1 kg of acetic acid.
(8) Having a Diastase activity of not less than 3 Gothe scales
(9) Contain hydroxymethylfurfural not more than 80 mg. per 1 kg
(10) Do not use food additives.
(11) Do not use colour.
(12) No pathogenic microorganisms.
(13) No microbial toxins in quantities that may be harmful to health.
(14) Yeast and mould not exceeding 10 per gram of honey.
(15) No contaminants